Exonerating Evidence for Michael Flynn

Exonerating Evidence for Michael Flynn Newly Filed Court Documents

By KRISTINA WONG 24 Apr 2020 1,189 views

New documents filed under seal in federal court include “exculpatory information” about former White House National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn, according to a report.

The documents were filed by the Justice Department on Friday and allegedly include “exonerating evidence” for Flynn, an FBI official familiar with the situation told The Federalist’s Sean Davis.

The documents also allegedly show “evidence of malfeasance by the FBI” during its investigation of Flynn and will “reflect poorly” on the FBI. It is not clear when the documents may be unsealed and made available to the public.

According to the FBI official, FBI general counsel Dana Boente led the charge internally against DOJ’s disclosure of the new materials. Boente had personally signed off on one of the surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Flynn resigned from his position over a controversy over whether he had discussed Obama-era sanctions with then-Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak when he was the incoming National Security Adviser.

Obama administration law enforcement officials sent agents to the White House to talk to Flynn, reportedly obscuring the reason for their visit. Afterward, at least one of the agents reportedly wrote that he did not think Flynn was lying about his conversations with Kislyak. The Washington Post first reported Flynn’s classified conversation with Kislyak.

Flynn originally pleaded guilty to lying to investigators as part of a plea deal, but he is seeking to withdraw his guilty plea.

Trump has floated the possibility of pardoning Flynn. On March 15, he tweeted: “So now it is reported that, after destroying his life & the life of his wonderful family (and many others also), the FBI, working in conjunction with the Justice Department, has “lost” the records of General Michael Flynn. How convenient. I am strongly considering a Full Pardon!”

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I was McLovin • 21 hours ago

Will a full pardon or dismissed charges get him his house & life savings back ?232 ReplyShare ›Hannah32  I was McLovin • 20 hours ago • editedNo, nothing will ever make General Flynn or his family whole again.And the really sad thing is, the people who did this to him are free to keep on doing it to others..251 ReplyShare ›

smelltest  Hannah32 • 20 hours agoIf justice prevails, Flynn will get Obama’s beach house, retirement pay and allowances as civil remedy.191 ReplyShare ›

Boots  smelltest • 20 hours agoAnd all of Comey’s book royalties.138 ReplyShare ›

Shelley Keith Childs  Boots • 20 hours ago$4.79 won’t go very far.108 ReplyShare ›

TarHeel456  Shelley Keith Childs • 20 hours agoLOL……….31 ReplyShare ›

Raptormann  TarHeel456 • 18 hours agoI’ll not soon forget that Pence Joined the Flynn Pile On…. the Deep State had the ear of all the “Republicans at the Whitehouse” and they couldn’t wait to draw their own knives on Flynn…… The Deep State feared Flynn and they knew he would expose them so this was a preemptive strike!44  1ReplyShare ›

David Lee  Raptormann • 18 hours agoI’ll never forget a guy campaigning for a judge in our area, I asked is she republican or democrat? He said didn’t matter since judges are only interested in justice. I sure had to laugh about that one.69 ReplyShare ›

ricocat1  David Lee • 3 hours agoEvery deep state traitor involved in the Flynn persecution should be prosecuted. Everything possible should be done to give true justice to Gen. Flynn.
TRUMP 2020!40 ReplyShare ›

yup  ricocat1 • 3 hours agoHow evil are democrats? They’ll take a Man that they know full well is innocent, and completely destroy and turn his life upside down, all in the name of politics…that’s how evil democrats are.37 ReplyShare ›

DreadPirateBruce  yup • 2 hours agoThey’ll do much worse. Remember Seth Rich?16 ReplyShare ›

bigeee1 .  DreadPirateBruce • an hour agoPeople forget that an independent group of computer experts concluded that the download speed of the hack of the DNC could not have been done remotely over the internet which left the other option as it likely being taken directly off of a computer via a thumb drive. Oh and let’s not forget the “robbery” where nothing was stolen and Rich was shot in the back.ReplyShare ›

DreadPirateBruce  bigeee1 . • an hour agoCurious, no? And yet Rich’s murder appears to be a cold case.ReplyShare ›

waynesteapartyworld  DreadPirateBruce • 2 hours agoSeth Rich, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, etc..ReplyShare ›

Zeke 48  DreadPirateBruce • an hour agoI pray someday we find the truth. Seth RIPReplyShare ›

Billys Dirtycigar  DreadPirateBruce • an hour agoGeorge Patton…ReplyShare ›

Bullet2354  yup • 2 hours agoIt was all done to get Trump… all of it.no other reason.Trump is an Outsider – and the entire DC Core went NUTS when he won….Flames still burning out of control… more to come!ReplyShare ›

TimeTravelPundit  yup • 2 hours agoAnd not a single one of them in power is American. They’re all of their father, Marx.ReplyShare ›

Mr. Magoo  yup • 2 hours agoNever underestimate the evil power of the Devil-Krats and their partners from the MSM, they have no interest to make America great, they only work for their globalist masters.
We must be focused to help TRUMP win the election + the house and 60+ MAGA Senators.ReplyShare ›

Zeke 48  yup • an hour agoAnd how much of what they do is still a secret.ReplyShare ›

jean le baptiste  ricocat1 • 40 minutes agoGet them ! And highlight their missdeedsReplyShare ›

Lorem Ipsum  David Lee • 2 hours ago • editedEvery year the Oxford Dictionary adds the “Word of The Year”.I am waiting to see when Oxford Dictionary will officially retire and remove (for good) from the vocabulary “The Word That No Longer Means Anything” for being highly ineffective, misguiding, hopeless and frustrating, a true waste of time and energy in this vocabulary: “””justice”””.ReplyShare ›

Ducky 1  David Lee • an hour agoConsider Roe Vs Wade as a thought. What Justice and What Constitution???ReplyShare ›

Mike Van  Raptormann • 17 hours agoPence was lied to also.12 ReplyShare ›

AE3  Raptormann • 18 hours agoApology should be in order???ReplyShare ›

Acuparius  AE3 • 16 hours agoAs I have learnt never expect an apology from lawyers.Should not of Boente recused herself?13 ReplyShare ›

GMBurns  Acuparius • 9 hours ago • editedI am not going to offer an opinion in public about what Boente should do to him/herself.I am more interested in what Mr. Durham might do to him/her.15 ReplyShare ›

Secret Squirrel  GMBurns • 2 hours agoI have to chuckle.
If you’re waiting for the deep state to prosecute the deep state, you’ll be waiting forever.ReplyShare ›

Unscented  Secret Squirrel • 2 hours agoYou shouldn’t spread rumors….I know something you don’t…possibly next week….your chuckle will get lodged in your throat.
It’s coming!ReplyShare ›

Zeke 48  Unscented • an hour agoOnly one thing will have meaning to me and it to blame the very person who put all this in motion, and we also all know who that is.ReplyShare ›

Unscented  Zeke 48 • 18 minutes agoRewards will come for those who wait. Its coming….and the man from Kenya will be sweating it out….and a few more.ReplyShare ›

Ducky 1  GMBurns • an hour agoStil holding my breath.ReplyShare ›

Eldrake  Acuparius • 15 hours agoIs Trump a lawyer? Harumph! Trick question!1  1ReplyShare ›

Cartman  Acuparius • 3 hours agoWhy?ReplyShare ›

Joe  Acuparius • 14 hours agoIt’s a he Dana BoenteReplyShare ›

Caius Keys  Joe • 2 hours ago • editedThe important thing is that 0bama-lovingDana Boente is a corrupt scumbag lawyer…ReplyShare ›

Lauren 🇺🇸  Raptormann • 13 hours agoRead somewhere that Flynn wanted to audit the Fed.ReplyShare ›

Sir Real  Raptormann • 14 hours agoFor the life of me I DO NOT understand why Trump didn’t pardon him, just like I didn’t understand why he didn’t pardon Eddie Gallagher. Why would he allow these heroes to go through what they did when it was in his power to stop it? If it was in my power to do so, I would direct large sums of these “stimulus funds” into their bank accounts.ReplyShare ›

Dump The Dems In 2020!  Sir Real • 10 hours agoI’m just going to guess…but maybe because Flynn is actually INNOCENT? A pardon is an admission of GUILT, and in Flynn’s case, there is no guilt, because the FBI agents tainted the entire investigative process from before the time Flynn first began cooperating.If Flynn’s lawyers can have the “guilty” verdict overturned on their own, why the need for a pardon??

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