Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn – Obama Arrested

Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn – Obama Arrested.

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Please do your own research and know the information I get from George is something we can change. If you don’t want it, then change it. If you like it, then do research and remake yourself to be apart of the new paradigm. How do you feel about the information? Tap into you because you are the boss. No one else can tell you what to do or think. It’s all about you and what you want to manifest. Remember, you are a new Arch Angel in training. Use your gifts wisely. Stay safe and get ready for more information drops. Hugs!


Zara Lunden

Zara Lunden10 hours ago (edited)You’re wrong about Med Beds Dr, Sam. The med beds are for everyone. What these help with is rejuvenating and restoring memory in the body cells so that they CAN heal themselves. The med beds are also for restoring memory, aligning spine, activating penial glands. Med Beds are for everyone! There will be so many of them, EVERYONE will have access to them. YES, we can heal ourselves, however – as the whole planet needs healing before the food is pure. You need to get your head around this Sam. Med Beds, replicators, antigravitational vehicles and so many more technologies are available for everyone. Everyone will be so happy and healthy they will ALL want to work at something that helps others and helps this precious earth. You are right about people who have the money will be the ones who use it in total love & light.Read more33REPLYView 8 replies

Zara Lunden

Zara Lunden12 hours ago (edited)Fractured Ankle Kent, but you’re right. He wasn’t even limping. Also Biden has Never shown anyoe “his” dog before! He was “locked” in his basement for weeks and never once went out to walk “his” dog!29REPLYView reply


JACK MAN11 hours agoI Grew up eating chicken feet or what they call in the black south pigeon feet…9REPLYView reply

Conya McCool

Conya McCool8 hours agoDeigo Garcia is NOT Cuba (not even close)8REPLYView reply

Sandra K

Sandra K7 hours agoAn overflow Gitmo is on an island in Honduras.10REPLY

Mark Keegan

Mark Keegan11 hours agoJoe Biden is on the arrested and executed list. The old Biden and the new imposter have vastly different ears.29REPLYView 9 replies


Ines485 hours agoSorry Sam, but if the ETS are going to control everything we have or get, money-wise, they are as bad as the deep state. They are taking again our free will. From what I know, they can see our energy, so don’t allow people with low energy to get the money. I am tired to see the abomination done to all animals by humans and still, no ET does anything about it. We need the RV to be able to change this world. I am tired to wait for the time I really have my God-given free will. Thank you for the information you give us, I do appreciate. NamasteRead more3REPLY

Sandra K

Sandra K7 hours agoI agree with Zarz Luden, med beds are for everyone. Of that I am sure. Yes our food has been weaponized to make us sick. We will re-learn about food and health. I also disagree, respectively, regarding the RV. The RV is for all of us who have stuck with this program for years! Those of us who have been in this for a long period of time have good intentions or we wouldn’t have followed this for as long as we have. Also, those providing the funds have our history. They know more about us than we can imagine. Thank you for the information you provided. So glad you are back and healthy again.Read more6REPLY

Zara Lunden

Zara Lunden11 hours ago (edited)Yes. Nashville as sick as Hollywood. Box Car Willy & his “freedom” train, from years ago. Cathy O’brien in her book TRANCE formation of America (around 1995) exposed the Country & Western “industry”. Pedophiles & Drug Runners, human Traffickers. Some were shocking, like Kris Kristopherson.1REPLY

Dan Lowery

Dan Lowery58 minutes ago (edited)Why won’t Kent stop talking top of on Dr. Sam. I miss Sam being out. Kent is so rude…!! Why don’t we take Kent off this show.1REPLY


Brooksy25 minutes agoI don’t usually comment. But chiropractic care doesn’t just “crack” your back. They are vital for total health and wellness. Your comment is dangerous. Chiropractors are amazing. They deal with proper nutrition, parasites, vaccine injury, IV vitamin therapy.2REPLYView reply

Gail Michael

Gail Michael5 hours ago (edited)I would like to go to a natural health school at 68 years young. People guess my age to be in my 40’s. I try doing everything naturally. I would like to invest in health food stores3REPLY

William Godwin

William Godwin11 hours agoAwesome you guys know we are holograms, the matrix movie was a documentary in general10REPLY

Jane Turnboom

Jane Turnboom1 hour agoSorry, but I am disagreeing about the sheeple. At one time, yes. But the magnitude of the election for Trump says they are now awake and paying attention! They have got off their rears and Left the couch! Not everyone wakes early, such as yourself! I have been awake since 2012. I didn’t have a clue before that! I would say the people of our great Republic is now awake! There will be those that will never wake up, and we will need to help them if possible. As far as watching public executions, it needs to take place, then work on our higher vibration’s! That mindset it what has got us where we are now! Nothing to see here, why the so called politicians take our freedoms away. We have lost all trust with our leaders! If this cancer is not eradicated for the world to see, history will repeat itself! I’m thinking of all the horrors done to our children! I’m in my 70’s and want justice for their innocence!Read more1REPLY

Stephen J

Stephen J8 hours agoI went non face-diaper to the food market today and the market employees were shaming me over the public address system in the store. My rights are not for sale or contract.10REPLYView reply

Annette Scheaffer

Annette Scheaffer1 minute agoTo all the folks who are worried about Barr’s statement that there was no widespread evidence of VOTER fraud:  This statement is likely true.  However, ELECTION fraud is the huge problem being investigated (widespread, and made huge difference in election results)–Dominion,  Conspiracy to steal the election, International interference in election,  Communist China, etc.  There is a difference between voter fraud and election fraud.  Please look into this, and not let it affect your emotions.  Be patient.  Our time is coming.Read moreREPLY


LONEWOLF13 hours agomorning all. Just wanted to clarify something. Biden didn’t break his leg per orthopedic docs. Can find that info on internet. It was the mid bone of the foot. I agree with the ankle monitor being in play here. It’s easy to find the info. If it was a fractured tibia or fibula there would be a cast on his leg and no need for a boot. I am a R.N. that’s how I know but don’t have to be a nurse to know that.2REPLYView reply

Judy Davis

Judy Davis1 hour agoOur grid system in UP is really bad. Our power was out last year for 8 days before it was fixed. We have really poor people here,yet we have some of the highest rates in the US.1REPLY

Koen GO

Koen GO7 hours agoWhen is Sullivan going to Camp Justice ?5REPLY


TheLaserQueen2 hours agoGina didn’t die. It’s a cover. The story is on Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes. He has better intel.2REPLYView reply

Bob Steve

Bob Steve8 hours ago time to shift perception. I have listened to heavy metal music since I was 13, I am now 65 and I can say without a doubt that my knowledge of life and how things really were was because of the stories told in that music. I get really annoyed when I hear people talk about calming music and “spiritual” music as the only music to be taken seriously. Metallica “Master of Puppets” is an album that shines the light on the health and mental health systems as well as the political system. Rage Against the Machine has been singing about the cabal for 20 years. I have achieved much in my life and it has all been motivated by information from heavy metal music.

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