Dr. Sam Mugzzi – Kent Dunn – NESARA

Dr. Sam Mugzzi – Kent Dunn – NESARA.

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Here are some topics to research- Sydney Powell, Military Tribunal Judge Paul A. LaViolette, PhD Dr. Brooks Agnew Thomas Townsend Brown Tesla Elon Musk Propulsion Engine Sub-Quantum Kinetic Theory Classical Quantum Theories Newton and Maxwell NESARA 14th Amendment: Insurrection Act Logan Act 1799 Espionage Act 1917 Sedition Act 1918 Military vs. Criminal Law United States vs. Throckmorton 1878 Signed into Law, Declaration of War: 5/20/2020 Emergency Constitution Suspension Claus



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Terra Lail

Terra Lail8 hours ago1000 people were asked if the voted for Trump or Biden??? 997 said the voted for TRUMP11REPLYView reply

Terra Lail

Terra Lail13 hours agoI agree totally LETS GIVE NATIVE AMERICAN RIGHTS33REPLYView 2 replies

Lana Ashford

Lana Ashford11 hours agoTrumps EO Nov 2nd was a quiet announcement of Nesara so that would mean elections in 120 days=March 20217REPLY

chase myles

chase myles6 hours agoVia General Roy Schwashinger… got the ball rolling, he’s the reason they did Class Action and won3REPLY


darlin195111 hours agoBirth Certificates ended 1999, as per Rusell-Jay:Gould’s Army associate.6REPLY

Jimmy Hawke

Jimmy Hawke13 hours agoTonic water has quinine, not seltzer water!41REPLYView 5 replies

The Genie IAM

The Genie IAM1 hour agoYou should be very careful, when you speak upon Beloved Jesus The Christ, and Archangel Michael!4REPLY

Yellow Mello

Yellow Mello11 hours agoI went to the ER the other day for my hernia. Nurse came up to me with COVID Swab Test and was going to just stick it up my nose without asking me if I wanted it. I refused and she didn’t like that. She rudely told me I’d have to have one if admitted. I was not admitted, thankfully. I’m putting off surgery as long as possible. I thought we could refuse tests legally! This is Nazism!43REPLYView 10 replies

Gale Stevens

Gale Stevens11 hours agoSorry about your farm kent I’ve lost a home with my boy being 10 years old.. hugs to you my friend!6REPLY

Rhonda Rollins

Rhonda Rollins13 hours agoWrong it was Nixon8REPLY

King's Hacienda Says

King’s Hacienda Says5 hours agoNixon took us off the Gold Standard.10REPLY

Queen P

Queen P6 hours agoA Healthy Chocolate Shake is the best food now, They have Organic Plant Protein Shakes, you can add Organic Super Greens and Fruit, Hemp powders to it also.3REPLY


ChicagoDreamer511 hours agoIt’s my understanding that Diane Feinstein stepped down as head of the Judiciary Committee in the Senate. She didn’t step down as a Senator. (yet)13REPLYView reply

Nancy Neubauer

Nancy Neubauer12 hours agoQuantum Voting System will be how we vote.10REPLY

joanne ross

joanne ross12 hours agoOn November 2 he signed the n.e.s.a.r.a. check Charlie Ward. And Robert Morningstar changed the direction of the evil act. Also there’s no USA as of November 5, . Ok. Also7REPLY


Orla5 hours agoHomeopathic is frequency medicine as the original substance has been potentised, not herbal !5REPLY

grammy 777

grammy 7775 hours agokent keep contradicting himself. lol5REPLY

Ted Shinneman

Ted Shinneman12 hours agoAlways love this show , plus I like to hear about the revalue of the currency.6REPLY

Gale Stevens

Gale Stevens11 hours agoAgree about the native Americans having worked in rapid city South Dakota and experiencing pine ridge reservation! Soo much experimentation people don’t know about. 😞3REPLY

joanne ross

joanne ross12 hours agoThe republic has been guarantee d.5REPLY

Carol Brooks

Carol Brooks3 hours agoJesus came from Azul? A lot of people are going to be very upset by that statement. It might be helpful if you could go into that in depth. For example maybe to explain that Jesus came from the light aspect of Azul rather than the dark. Would that be the case?3REPLY

Mark Keegan

Mark Keegan1 hour agoTake great umbrige against Kent saying there shouldnt be free speech during a time of war. It was free speech that got our troops home from the illegitimate invasion of Vietnam. Unfortunately it wasnt until after 50,000 plus of our young people needlessly slaughtered. It was free speech that exposed George W Bush’s bogus war on terrorism. It was free speech that exposed the scam called 9 11. It was free speech that exposed the march 2011 nuclear strike in Japan that was falsely called an earthquake. Totalitarianism and lack of free speech by censoring, demonetising and deplatforming those trying to inform the public is the exact complaint against Biden. Criticising wars is what gets our troops home and the fear of that makes the war mongers think twice about starting a war in the first place.Read more3REPLY

Sarensusan Vansborg

Sarensusan Vansborg2 hours agoThe problem with your sweet idea about the native Americans is that what they want is for all whites to move back to Europe and get off the North American continent. I say this from experience, I live in New Mexico literally one stones throw away from the Isleta Reservation and have friends who are from that tribe. This was a recent conversation I had with my friend. I had to remind him that as this is a melting pot of nationalities for 400 years now, and there is, for most of us, no one country in “Europe” that each of us could claim as home for ourselves. (Let aLone from countries all over the world)Everything including language would be foreign to us. He had a hard time in realizing what I was saying because they are of one tribe, one blood, throughout their existence in their minds, and he can’t identify that I couldn’t just go back where the boats came from and be home. It was a friendly discussion but it was a tad disturbing for both of us in the end. What I pray for is understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance of where we are all now instead of their living only resenting the past. Still my friend, we see each other daily and he does have family thanksgiving with turkey and the whole shebang on the day.Read more2REPLY


BILL GIBSON4 hours agoThe Annunaki are our creators…be careful when you speak against them…3REPLYView reply

sally hall

sally hall9 hours agoPretty sure the arrest of Soros was debunked4REPLYView reply

J.T. Hardy

J.T. Hardy5 hours ago (edited)Val Thor is not Archangel Michael … an Angel / Messenger yes!!! I never heard Dr. Stranges call him Micheal / I knew the Doctor very well2REPLY


EyesWideOOpened13 hours agoThere they are… live you guys. So informative and Galactic…4REPLYView reply


BajaGirl30212 hours agoI want for my husband to be healthy and well. My best friend is half Native American. Dear God, help us all. I see the big picture. And I pray that my husband makes it till then.

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