Dr. Rashid Buttar Exposes Fake Pandemic

Dr. Rashid Buttar Exposes Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses

Dr. Rashid Buttar Exposes

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Rashid A. Buttar, graduated from Washington University with a double major in Biology and Theology,before attending medical school at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery. See the report here:

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Pinned by The Next News NetworkThe Next News Network3 days agoBecause we don’t want you to miss Gary’s new YouTube podcast hit this link for exclusive guests and a new look at the week’s news on YouTube here:https://nnn.is/subscribe-to-G-Cast747REPLYView 231 replies

N Kunnath3 days agoWhy don’t someone introduce DrRashid to The President Trumph1KREPLYView 187 replies

Tonya Tiller14 hours agoI believe him. Yet, he need to watch his back for telling the public.81REPLYView 4 replies

Gee Man9 hours agoCar Accident or Heart Attack – Dead Men Tell No Tales – I pray that he is kept safe – we need his voice and his knowledge –108REPLYView 6 replies

Trevor Muthwa12 hours agoI fear for this guy’s life,people who are against people who want to make “profit” at the expense of others.216REPLYView 8 replies

Doreen Droste5 hours agoWe are living in the age of mass deception and fraud. Question everything its shocking!69REPLYView 4 replies

AL OR3 days agoThese are crimes against humanity. Gates should be arrested.1.1KREPLYView 53 replies

manny romero7 hours ago (edited)Bless dr. Buttar Nothing but truth. Been telling people about the nwo agenda for 30years – crazy we are now in the thick of it. Be brave peopleRead more26REPLYView reply

The patriot177615 hours agoIf this guy dies from a bicycle accident we will know for sure its the truth!242REPLYView 14 replies

Connie Conner9 hours agoGod bless Dr Buttar for speaking out… I believe every thing he says23REPLYView reply

quant20118 hours agoWhat is Trump doing in essence: EXPOSING the deepstate crimes against humanity. The pile of proofs is getting larger and larger. The Cabal and MSM are digging their own grave:) how beautiful103REPLYView 18 replies

Wayne B.3 days agoDr Buttar needs to speak to the PRESIDENT!!

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