Do They Really Want To Control Us?

Do They Really Want To Control Us? What do others say?

Dr Rashid A Buttar 257K subscribers


We live in a free country…at least that’s what we’re fighting for. If you can’t see that fundamental component and you think you are being protected by social distancing and wearing a face mask, then continue doing that and get out of the way to let the rest of the awakened carry your burden.

You would not have the luxury of being able to “contemplate” were it not for the effort and sacrifice of those who are actually doing something about this tyranny.

Go to this link below and sign the petition on Censorship. And if you want to get involved in making the CHANGE the WORLD is waiting for, you’ll have the option to do so when you access this link:


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Mike Dedic

Bernie Boombeat6 hours agoAbout time Bill Gates was investigated for the crimes he’s commuted.125REPLYView 9 replies

Doug Healey6 hours ago“It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled .” Samuel Clemens70REPLYView reply

Theresa Tinerella6 hours agoWHY AREN’T MORE DOCTORS STEPPING UP TO THE INTEGRITY PLATE OF TRUTH????? Makes me just not want to trust any of them in the medical health industry….at all.52REPLYView 6 replies

Aida Ovasapyan7 hours agoAll the world need to stand people need to know the truth don’t let this Happened this big lie about coronavirus31REPLYView 2 replies

Heather Clark5 hours agoWhy do they want a chip in us , because we are a threat to them,? This Gates creature is worse than a psycopath.17REPLYView reply

Shane Purdy4 hours agoI’ll pass on vaccinations. Covid is a fraud it’s becoming very obvious.18REPLY

carol marshall7 hours agoDon’t take the vaccine and turn location off on your cell phones.31REPLYView 5 replies

Justin Ferguson6 hours agoThey will have to kill me before I take a forced vaccine.39REPLYView 7 replies

Stephen Cockett7 hours agoHere is a bit of LOGIC to counter the call for mandatory vaccinations. Question: If the vaccine is so good – how can un-vaccinated persons ever be a danger to those who HAVE chosen to be vaccinated?50REPLYView 6 replies

Karen Shivnen6 hours agoI hope the world stops being led to the slaughterhouse. I will never be vaccinated or chipped. Thank you Dr. Buttar and all the greats working with you.29REPLY

Rio4 hours ago (edited)PEOPLE, WE CAN NOT LET THEM DO THIS TO US. There’s a crimes against humanity action, it’s called the Nuremberg Laws. This was a set of codes that prosecute WAR CRIMES. What they are doing constitutes crimes against humanity. This is a direct violation of the Nuremberg codes. We must stand together against this war on us.118REPLYView 18 replies

William Dixon7 hours agoForget the deaths! We were told the shut down was to take the pressure off hospitals but hospitals are not over whelmed. SO END SHUT DOWN!25REPLY

jerry sanders6 hours agoDoc we already have a rf chip in our hands. And we’ve All Inserted it voluntarily. It’s called a smartphone👾23REPLYView 5 replies

D F5 hours agoWhy do you think Elon Musk has just put all them satellites up, to track us all when we are chipped?14REPLY

Catherine O4 hours agoThe vaccine contains Nano technology, Nano dust which causes the mutation of gene in human cells. TELL EVERYONE!!22REPLYView reply

Daryl Trawick7 hours agoBetter listen to this man he is a man of TRUTH, this is the truth, pay attention.41REPLYView 2 replies

john hunter7 hours agoOver my dead body are they going to vaccinate and chip me!16REPLYView reply

Ilham H7 hours agoFirst, they said not to wear masks, then, they told us to wear masks. 😵😲13REPLY

J Del4 hours ago“Avoid groups” = “avoid uniting”21REPLY

Gardenroom 616 hours agoThe world NEVER wakes up, that’s the problem!!!5REPLY

Sysiphus Syziggy6 hours agoHuman Immune System = kills most infections, proper diet, correct supplements, exercise… The DNC + Big Pharma + China = Destroy US Economy = see how easy it is13REPLY

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