Did China plan to Invade the USA?

Did China plan to Invade the USA?


Remember during Obama’s Administration UPS Planes were Flying in Illegals, and Eyes had Video Planes unloading People not Packages coming off the Planes, and boarding U.S. Government Buses (White with U.S. Seals on Them) going to Oklahoma Indian Reservations. PRESIDENT Trump has warned a Mayor in that State the Military will come there first. All States with Big Reservations should be on Guard.

This is so crazy… BUT>>> I don’t think National Guard is defending the Capital/White House/DC from Biden’s swearing-in from Trump supporters lol… they’re there because Trump will be sworn in, AGAIN  It’s the only thing that makes a bit since… Computer fix might of all happened in Italy ???

I would expect an invasion from north not south. Ever think maybe fence in DC is not for keeping people out?

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