COVID19 Treatment Break-Thru

COVID19 Treatment Break-Thru.

Rumble — Sen Ron Johnson (R) Wisconsin brought in a Dr who says there’s a “miracle” treatment for COVID19 people aren’t allowed to get. Why? Plus we talk Hunter Biden!

  • FillThatSeat, 13 hours agoi want hydroxycloriquineREPLY22 rumbles
    • CoachHill, 9 hours agoI got it HQ I have enough for my entire family, months ago. I thank YHWH that I haven’t had to use it.REPLY3 rumbles
  • Overmanwarrior, 14 hours agoWe are members of western civilization. We should never have to hide from a stupid virus. There has been cures from the beginning. The difference is, media didn’t want us to know about them so they could drive the panic.REPLY19 rumbles
  • reeney, 14 hours agoif they are not listening to medical doctors whom actually practice they should be liable for every death in this countryREPLY13 rumbles
  • MarkDStephens, 11 hours agoHydroxychloroquine has been proven to be effective in 100% of the 195 trials done so far when taken early. Zinc is a key part of the most effective treatment plan as it does the actual fighting of the virus inside the cell when an ionophore like Hydroxychloroquine unlocks the door to the cell.REPLY12 rumbles
  • Jennifer_tudor, 9 hours agoAfter testing positive for covid I took ivermectin. Within 2 days all my symptoms were gone. The only other thing I did was increase my daily dose of zinc.REPLY8 rumbles
  • U8nt4me, 14 hours agoI seen this nurse post the jacket of the vaccine. Then I seen this report of the mysterious illnesses in India which is not far from the hospital that did trial tests. Then this briefing document from the FDA. Thank you Senator Johnson for you diligence.REPLY6 rumbles
  • Theodryck, 9 hours agoThe fact that these medicines work is beside the point. They want you afraid and locked away in your abode. Right now they are spreading all the bad things they can about the vaccines. Covid is their ticket to power and they plan on riding that train as long as they can get away with it. P.S. I had China virus. It sucked. It sucked bad. I’m still alive (50 years old).REPLY5 rumbles
  • nflane1, 13 hours agoWould dr Eli give you HCQ as a preventative or as it’s called a prophylactic which is used around the world for keeping you from getting malaria and it’s doing the same for covid.REPLY5 rumbles
  • MSD, 9 hours agoWhen it come to Snake oil sales men the DemonRats are at the TOP they rip off The American People to line their pockets, You want Proof just look at the DemonRats States they have Done Nothing but Destroyed those State and there Cities and Citizens, But People Don’t Learn they Keep Voting The Dirty DemonRats In! How Stupid Are You????REPLY4 rumbles
  • Canhiya, 11 hours agoFull report on ivermectin with doctors and reports all positive. Go to FLCCC.netREPLY4 rumbles
  • ConservativeThug, 12 hours agoivermectin always been the cure as well as hydroxychloroquine. ivermectin is better though with less dosage.REPLY4 rumbles
    • Neostrand, 8 hours agoVery True! Back in April 2020 Australia published reports of Ivermectin killing Covid within 48 hrs. The world knew this back then. They now push MRNA which actually has a chip imbedded and is programmable ..Elon Musk talks about it. Thats scary!REPLY2 rumbles
    • Susiegirlusa, 10 hours agoI read the FLCCC. NET, PDF… They are referring to tablets…. Where can we get the tablets? … Are they the same as the horse Wormer I have for my horses?REPLY1 rumble
  • AltheaRose214, 2 hours agoWe need to get rid of CDC and NIH. They are corrupt and have no qualms of putting gross self interest above their job, their duty to care for the American public. However, we must also take responsibility in learning, discovering and educating ourselves so we don’t rely on the government which we have seen is so easily corrupted.REPLY3 rumbles
  • djmasterpol64, 2 hours agoyou hit the nail on the head. ITs all about the money! If there’s no money to be made, you’re not allowed to take the treatment that’s already proven to work.REPLY3 rumbles
  • kieferburns, 9 hours agoI use Ivermectin for my dogs for heartworm. Ivermectin is the main component in most of the drugs used to treat heartworm. You can buy it in most animal food and grain stores.REPLY3 rumbles
  • Juanbo, 11 hours agothank you for getting this information out!REPLY3 rumbles
  • LeenaG, 12 hours agoLook at what Dr. Fauchi did when Dr. Davis from South Africa went to him in Tulsa with the CURE for AIDS. Dr. Davis NEVER made it home and the cure got buried.REPLY3 rumbles
  • johnjforbes, 49 minutes agoThe 1.8 billion people who got early HCQ had a 70 percent lower mortality rate versus the 660 million who did not get early HCQ.REPLY2 rumbles
  • JennaCar, 1 hour agoThe snake in the snake oil is Dr. Faux Xi. He wanted to study this virus for a few years, publish a bunch of papers, cash grant checks, pick up awards, and ultimately get Emmy Lou Cuomo’s ghostwriter to write a tome of self-promotion. And that’s about it.REPLY2 rumbles
  • LisAbelle, 9 hours agoI also want hydroxychloroquine, I’ve asked the rural hospital, and pharmacist at our Walmart. No. Only Rheumatoid Arthritis patients, can receive.REPLY2 rumbles
  • Pooplosi, 10 hours agoThank you Senator Johnson for all you do. Keep fighting this fight.REPLY2 rumbles
  • Saxxin1, 10 hours agoThe American people are bowing down to tyranny. If you ever wondered why the jews got on the train, now you know. Fear. Right now you are boarding the train. And the far left media is right there making sure you do it in an orderly fashion.REPLY2 rumbles
  • PlugsNHoles, 13 hours agoWhat is the name of the drug again?REPLY2 rumbles
    • ConservativeThug, 12 hours agoivermectinREPLY4 rumbles
    • Canhiya, 11 hours agoIvermectinREPLY2 rumbles
    • pbycraft, 12 hours agoIvermectin.. Its an antiviralREPLY2 rumbles
  • sinkablewill, 14 hours agoawesome news!REPLY2 rumbles
  • CarlHenry, 1 hour agoThis disease has been so politicized that I am amazed that more haven’t died. The CDC reporting counts those who have died with the Wuhan virus as they have died from the virus. Totally inflated number. If I test positive and get run over by a bus, I died from the virus.REPLY1 rumble
  • EverythingHealth, 4 hours agoAnother protocol that is 100% effective is Dr. Brownsteins oxidation protocol. Go to Dr. Mercola’s website and lookup oxidation therapy – incredible how fast this works. 2 cents a dose. All otc ingredients. I have used it 2 times since I’m on the front lines. Do yourself a favor – you want to get hold of a protocol that doesn’t require a prescription!!!!REPLY1 rumble
  • Fred2130, 7 hours agoUnbelievable how corrupt and destructive leftist have been throughout this process! Because President Trump made comments about HCQ in the beginning it was dismissed as a treatment option for the China Virus!REPLY1 rumble
  • SD4A, 7 hours agoYep.REPLY1 rumble
  • TexanGirl123, 8 hours agoWhen will be OTC?REPLY1 rumble
  • CoachHill, 9 hours agoOur Government has no power…. other than what we allow them to have… Republicans are toothless tigers….REPLY1 rumble
    • Neostrand, 8 hours agoTrue! The Sheep need to become the Lion if change is going to happen. Beware the MRNA treatment for Covid. It does contain a chip. Programmable chip. Would it make the masses docile? that would work for themREPLY1 rumble
  • loveandmusic, 12 hours agohorse wormerREPLY1 rumble

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