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Court Documents Reveal CNN, NBC Paid Antifa Activist John Sullivan $70K To Film Riots At Capitol On Jan. 6

Newly released court documents reveal both CNN and NBC paid Antifa activist John Sullivan tens of thousands of dollars to participate in and film the protests on January 6. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

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  • Uppity Dawg • 8 minutes ago I knew the media staged that incident at the Capitol Building. Shameful!
    • MGBSE • 17 hours ago • edited There goes the demon-RATS “spontaneous” lie that the Capitol was attacked because Trump told his January 6th supporters to storm the Capitol. Who told CNN and ABC there was going to be a Capitol “attack” on January 6th – Nancy, Chuck, Pence, FBI?
      • char  MGBSE • 16 hours ago It was staged, I would suspect funded by Antifa, and they were all in on it!
        • Black Crow char • 13 hours ago And it appears the fee-bies (FBI) are NOT going to bring charges on Antifa anywhere in the nation. Not in Portland or Seattle. Correct me but did Wray not say Antifa was no real problem?
          • Mamie Whitefield  Black Crow • 9 hours ago Biden said, Antifa is just an idea.🤷‍♀️🤣🤣🤣
            • William Corbin  Mamie Whitefield • 3 hours ago like he has any idea what an idea is.

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← Face of Trump Style Fascism Black Crow • 12 hours ago

THOSE OF US in the reality-based community know who stormed the Capitol in Washington on live television and in broad daylight. They were Trump cultists, who helpfully documented their insurrection in Facebook livestreams, Parler videos, and Instagram selfies.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA): “Some say the riots were caused by Antifa. There is absolutely no evidence of that. And conservatives should be the first to say so.” 13•Reply•Share ›One other person is typing…

    • David Druggish  ← Face of Trump Style Fascism • 3 hours ago Who rioted and looted all last year? Antifa and Democrats.11 •Reply•Share ›
      • Guy Montag  David Druggish • 3 hours ago • editedSorry, according to the LiberBastards those arsons and robberies were PEACEFUL PROTESTS . . .5 •Reply•Share ›
    • ounceoflogic  ← Face of Trump Style Fascism • 3 hours ago People who voted for Banjo Biden should not be citing ‘reality’ or calling anyone else ‘cultists’.12 •Reply•Share ›
    • Guy Montag  ← Face of Trump Style Fascism • 3 hours agoAntifa is just a puppet organization.
      Those who fund and control them are hiding in the shade behind them .6 •Reply•Share ›
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    • Mamie Whitefield  ← Face of Trump Style Fascism • 9 hours ago Except there were both far-left and far-right groups there. They have been charged…try browsing the DOJ website once in a while.
      And now we learn, from COURT DOCUMENTS, that CNN and NBC paid an Antifa activist….what reality do you live in?
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