BUSINESS FAVORITES: The best tools, tips & resources guide

Ok, so I  always get so many requests and questions in my inbox and DM’s for my favorite business things and tips, so I wanted to finally round them up and share them ALL in one spot! And by everything, I mean everything.

Because over the course of the last 8 years or so (OMG, 8 YEARS, WHAT?!), running my business, there is always more to learn.

Every year, more great books, tools, apps and services and business resources that come out, and no matter how far into your business you are, no matter if it’s year two or twelve, we could all use a hand sometimes. Some more support, some more knowledge, some more ways to elevate and streamline all things in life, business included.

And as much as I talk about living a healthy and simplified life, it doesn’t stop with food. It STARTS with food, actually, and then ends up applying  everywhere else: doing and living in a way that feels aligned, efficient and full of ease. That we all deserve a life and business that is simple. That feels good. That is optimized and primed to keep moving to the next level.

So here you have it:  a collection of my latest all-time FAV business resources and tools, rounded up in one place! From books, to apps, to best podcasts on the subject, it’s perfect for small business owners, creators & dreamers of any kind. Plus, it’s free so like, why not get a few new ideas to help support you? Grab yours below!

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