Brennan Indictment Eminent?

Brennan Indictment Eminent? 3 Credible Sources Seem to Think So

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Yesterdays War with China video was heavily censored. Please, if you haven’t seen it please watch it and share it. I spent a lot of time on that one and 6k views is simply unacceptable.

As far as this one, I’m like all of you. I’ll believe it when I see it. I would love for these evil bastards to be executed during next year’s Super Bowl half time show but there is a 2 tier justice system and I don’t believe in “mental gymnastics” Also, Sunday’s video will likely be the last one outside in the mountains for a while.

It is already approaching 100 degrees and in a few weeks it will be 110 or higher till August. Please folks, I have lost A LOT of Patrons due to this crisis. I understand people’s financial situations have changed but if you can please support my efforts at

I depend on your support to do what I do which is to bring you the raw uncensored and unapologetic TRUTH each & every day. God bless you all and please be safe! Also please add “The Josh Bernstein Show” on your ROKU device for free!


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XL Nutts1 hour agoBrennan has dirt on everybody. I hope he takes the ship down with him.38REPLYView reply

Carol Sceniak1 hour agoHe should acknowledge you on his show19REPLY

Rj Chavers1 hour agoTomorrow is our First Lady’s birthday! Let’s show her some love and appreciation all around social media! 💛29REPLYView 5 replies

Timothy Sproul1 hour agoMilitary Tribunals anDeath with luV💘✨⚔️✨12REPLY


weeping sista1 hour agoThink he might be indicted? That demon should have been hung 2yrs ago, give me brake, Josh!!!?15REPLYView 2 replies

Amber Mcclure1 hour agoMorning Brother Josh. Happy Saturday hope you and your has a wonder filled day!💞🙏🏼7REPLY

Ken Williams1 hour agoSean probably has seen your show it’s very good you tell the truth great job.7REPLY

Patty McCartney1 hour agoI will believe it when I see it they keep saying they’re going to do this that and the other nothing happens keep up the good work Josh God bless7REPLYView reply

Iris Sellgren1 hour agoWoao! He’s a fan of yours as many others are.😅3REPLY

Donita Cox1 hour agoTake it as a compliment ❤️4REPLY

November Echo1 hour agoGreat minds think alike.5REPLY

harry Savage1 hour agoI’ll be praying for you Josh God bless you have a beautiful day2REPLY

Warren Roy50 minutes agoI say this in the light of Sean Hannity. I am a preacher(Pentecostal) of over thirty-five years! When I listen to you I actually listen with hopes to get sermon material! That is how well I like to listen to you! Even quoted you in a message “The Mark of Beast” where you dealt with Bill Gates and ID 2020! I really don’t know why I started to subscribe to you. But I am glad that i did. God bless you.Read more2REPLY

Caroline Siegel1 hour agoExactly Josh. It’s flattering that he is copying you. Shows you earned your journalistics wings amongst the greatest of them.2REPLY

Melinda Angeles1 hour agoYou are really a nice guy.May God Bless you!4REPLY

Amber Mcclure1 hour agoI remember that show!1REPLY

luz m montero20 minutes agoThey are SCAMS love your show Good bless you 🇺🇸❤️🙏REPLY

Ray Bowles1 hour agoYou left out that Shawn has more hair than you also. 🙂 But for the facts, I watch you more than Shawn.1REPLY

Rainy R&R & R&R30 minutes ago (edited)When is Brennan going to Gitmo for TREASON, He was born a female! And one ugly mean one at that.2REPLY

Richard B1 hour agoI love the thought of jailing John Brennan. But I love the thought of hanging him better.. He needs to be before a Military court and he needs to executed. Unfortunately he is protected by other traders.. BILL BARR AND JEFF DURHAM.. Watching Hannity is punishment enough. Ugh.2REPLY

Dorothy Thomas1 hour agoThe Vampires in the FBI, CIA, and the eaters of childern, the leftest deep state, will face justice.1REPLY


R B G1 hour agoI think Mr. Bill Barr has been somewhat compromised. He seems like he’s been dragging his feet.6REPLYView 2 replies

Lora Astrofish21 minutes agomore like 2021…the world was doomed to end in December 2012 according to the Mayan calendar.REPLY

Denise Wright1 hour agoI like you Mr Josh but I also like Hannity you’re both honest reporter’sREPLY

Timothy Sproul1 hour agoYour so right* Drowned Swamp*1REPLY

Michael Domansky1 hour agoWe can only hope!1REPLY

NAVRET1 hour agoGen. Flynn should sue and own the FBI and DNC.1REPLY

Dee Breed21 minutes agoBrother Josh of course we remember the segment on is Shawn Hannity watching you,..FYI I have heard other platforms saying the very same thing about President trump rescuing kids from a burning building that whole bit “I’ve heard them quote verbatim.. You should feel proud, and it is an honor people are listening to you why should you be amazed.. Your heart is good soil and you’re always on target.. And dude you’re a freakin Patriot..🤜🇺🇸Read moreREPLY

Paul D’Ascenz1 hour agoBL, I agree 100%! God Bless You! God Bless America!REPLY

Shaun Sweeney48 minutes agoMy name is Shaun and I watch your show! Sean is always jacking my lines and crab biting my style! Hahe ok my daily vanity rant is done for today! Great video my friend and you can jack my lines and crab bite my cool middle age style. I am only so cool because of my YouTube Brother’s and Sister’s helping me out on my style. I heard today that Brennan is getting thrown out of moving plane without a parachute! My friend told me that today!

Lauri Graves52 minutes agoHANNITY HAS GOOD TASTE!!

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