Biden Coronavirus Advisor Ezekiel Emanuel

Biden Coronavirus Advisor Ezekiel Emanuel: ‘Living Too Long Is Also a Loss’

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Richard Meyers4 hours agoThey hype infections, then inflate deaths by calling all deaths COVID deaths. The number of infections is meaningless. The actual Death rate, even at inflated levels, are not Pandemic level.11REPLY

Robertmcgraw Mcgraw4 hours agoThe world health organization is part of it .5REPLY

Danna4 hours agoSo those that dont need ventilators then are susceptible to getting ventilator induced pneumonia. So these hospitals are literally killing people.6REPLY

Danielle Joseph4 hours agoPractice what you preach, Emmanuel8REPLY

Kkgilby4 hours ago (edited)Please listen to this video how honest is the COVID fatality count, dr Scott Jensen on YouTube. This confirms that it’s Democratic way to try to take Trump out5REPLY

Bev Earle4 hours agoThis virus I call it media panic.9REPLYView reply

Dozer Bull4 hours agoThey’re going to put Killary in !!4REPLY

Tony Arcieri3 hours agoYes Biden clearly has lived after his ”best before date”1REPLY

Caffine addict4 hours agoWho cares what Seth Meyers beak nose has to say.Toucan Sam nose.7REPLYView reply

trucker vaughn3 hours ago1 good thing that will came of this. When he opens the economy back up it’s going to look like we set a match to a room full of gas… Boom.REPLY

Bev Earle4 hours agoSociety has alot RATS.6REPLY

Raccoon man 604 hours agoMy two cats are waiting on their checks to . They claim they have suffered due to virus6REPLYView 3 replies

ricky sullivan4 hours agoEpstein did not kill himself. Died of Chinese flu.4REPLY

Tricky Dick4 hours agoMaybe he should be preaching to Joe Biden instead. 😂1REPLY

Gail Johnston3 hours agoThis is so corrupt and needs to be stopped.2REPLY

S Miner821 hour agoGood let EE go firstREPLY

robert McCabe4 hours ago….in Germany they are making Chocolate Bunnies with face masks on…2REPLY

robert McCabe4 hours ago….Bernie also kept HIS delegates.3REPLY

Lisa cox4 hours ago (edited)Martin check out weekend warrior and the storm is here children are. . . Was cpl. days ago. .1REPLYJoe Martinez2 hours agoEzekiel has lived to longREPLY

James Miller3 hours agoChina will be taken care of? Just like we have taken care of Hillary and all the rest.1REPLY

Mary E Waldron1 minute agoMartin. FAUCI means sickle..southern ItalyREPLY

Annette –4 hours agoIf you come off your motorbike and break your leg……, its CV!!!2REPLY

robert McCabe4 hours agoOANN is reporting now that the Military is now being used to take down the Hospitals that they built and the state of Washington is the first one.1REPLY

steve ford1 hour agoSo, which Democrats is Emanuel referring to living too long ????REPLY

David Brannen2 hours agoHow many times did Bernie use classified info to buy and sell stock to make millions? And the rest. They make me sick.REPLY

cyclemaster462 hours ago (edited)7 dead in Chicago 21 shot corona lead virus.REPLY

Echo of thee Messiah 3:164 hours ago (edited)How are you guys liking your free 30 day subscription of communism??REPLY

kirby waite11 minutes agoThe fake conservative Michael Medved actually quotes this ghoul Emmanuel approvingly.REPLY

ND Grandma 21233 minutes agoEzekiel Emanuel should take out OLD OLD soros.REPLY

robert McCabe3 hours ago….my comments are not being put up1REPLY

drdebo Cherry4 hours agoBreitbart is no longer a reliable source. It was sold, quietly and I’d now left wing. I don’t respect it’s information becoz it’s Media-Arm-of-Cabal, and spreading disinformation, Toyko Rose style. I don’t know if u don’t know that are just mocking them.3REPLY

Mark Wagstaff3 hours agoThe CDC has blown this. The CDC are just tools of the MSM, Democrats and leftist too them give coverage.2REPLYView reply

ND Grandma 2122 hours agoFEAR-fake evidence appearing real. Do people realize that every future influenza season the Wuhan virus will come into play to control the world? WHO, UN, international bankers, international foundations, soros,billy gates are involved with this hoax. LIES perpetrated by the globalists and their tool the fake news. CBS showing not once but twice a fake video of hospitals in US when in reality it was in Italy where 49.5% of patients that died because of 3 or more underlying causes and .8% had no underlying cause.Read moreREPLY

Tom4 hours agoawesome video keep up the amazing content1REPLY

bray56mj4 hours agoAll those people pushing the vaccines need to be pump full of their own poison. This is one big farce, gross exaggerations and lies from the fake news, health officials and so-called doctors, fire them all. I hope that President Trump is using this time to destroy the deep state.REPLY

Timetraveller3 hours agoYes. Thirst for revenge on China is dangerous. Martin is correct. This will be best dealt with in phases. Do not jab the dragon too early. It is a cold reptile. You cannot reason with the reptile. We do what is good for Us and the public waking up to China is the first Phase.REPLY

robert McCabe4 hours ago….folks,the people in India are not stupid…..their MEDIA is reporting that the S0-CALLED VIRUS,was developed in a lab at Harvard and then given to the LAB in CHINA….2REPLY

Freelander3 hours ago (edited)Folks Alzheimer’s is not a disease . You can’t catch it or pass it . It is not a virus or bacteria . You can not inherit it ! ☝️It is caused by Aluminum and mercury and the radicals in our environment . Both of which is in every shot you get . Think about how many vaccines your children are given. This is what Fauci And Birx And Gates And Soros are pushing !!! All of which none of them or their families take . They now know it is also causing Autism. . Killing old people . Older people got that old because they know something the young don’t ! Obama said the same thing ! This happens to be the thing they are pushing . This virus was aimed at killing the elderly. And those who have weakened systems ! And young people have been propagandized into thinking the elderly are the drain on our country’s finances . When in fact . The young are the ones with the highest amount of debt in the government. All those college bills that should have never been made . If they were actually learning something it would different. Graham is trying to push Trump into bringing 75,000 Chinese into America per month . China is a very old country . And has been around a lot longer than America. There is no way we are going to change China . It will be one of the countries that will attack Israel like Gods word says .

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