As Darkness Falls So Does Our Enemies

As Darkness Falls So Does Our Enemies

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Source: Music Piece Cinematic Logo Ident… Whisper Repeating Song byJosh Leake… Took the oath! WWG1WGA! Sign Language…

MUST READ → New Jersey health department workers slam Governor Murphy’s deadly nursing home policies:… $21 Million NYC Field Hospital Closes After Never Seeing a Single Patient…

Sun_Q_Tzu Posse comitatus act – Schiff attempting to amend act to prevent @realDonaldTrump… Man chews out Ventura board:… Sean Hannity with President Trump Town Hall 6/25/20 | Breaking News Trump June 25, 2020… Take the Oath on Enoch

Miracle in the Desert- Gen. Krulak… Key witness from the Mueller Report to be sentenced on child sexual abuse charges and is facing 10 years in prison… ———————————————————————–

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Suzanne A
1 hour ago (edited) Isn’t it ironic that the unmasking of Gen Flynn was illegal, yet they think the masking of citizens is legal! Schiff is full of bullschiff. Is there such a thing as a patriot mercenary! Love Gen Krulak story..Ps 107:35 He turns the wilderness into a standing water and dry ground into watersprings.51REPLYView reply

Tricia Payne

Tricia Payne1 hour ago God Bless the President, God Bless all of the Patriots and God Bless America! ❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸110REPLYView 13 replies

Elizabeth Jackson

Elizabeth Jackson1 hour ago (edited) Signing the Oath is Exceptional from this Digital Soldier. Call the Nursing Home deaths the name it deserves = Genocide by Governors97REPLYView 6 replies


MAGA KAG55 minutes agoLet’s be honest. Let’s talk about the truth. Those Dem Governors had no good reason to issue those orders. Their only motive was to kill to drive the numbers up.85REPLYView 8 replies

Dawn Pesz

Dawn Pesz56 minutes agoWhy has schiff never been arrested for killing the little boy at that motel?66REPLYView 13 replies

Noah Body

Noah Body24 minutes agoLet the five governor’s to be tried if front of a military tribunal,, Trump 2020 👍👍🇺🇸🙏🙏11REPLY

seth rich panda

seth rich panda1 hour ago (edited)old age homes / useless eaters /Georgia guide stones .53REPLYView 5 replies

Rhonda Lambert

Rhonda Lambert36 minutes agoWhy aren’t more people talking about these masks. Everyone wearing them are breathing in Carbon Dioxide too much can cause brain damage and death. The masks won’t stop a virus but it will make you sick. People please we have to fight back on this.8REPLY

Lisa living day 2 day

Lisa living day 2 day1 hour ago (edited)The child violators are being brought to justice. The [DS] is crumbling. President Trump is the best President ever!! Trump 2Q2Q 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 WWG1WGA 🌏 WIDE 🇺🇸🦅107REPLYView 2 replies

Sunny Disposition

Sunny Disposition1 hour ago (edited)Governors refusing to respond to letters of enquiry pertaing to their actions? Like Hitlary, don’t have to? Family lawsuits coming. “Give them enough rope….”9REPLY

Keith chilstrom

Keith chilstrom1 hour agoWhat people ? I saw TWO PEOPLE. we the people are many not just two. Vote out all those cowardly liars, or suffer. 🇺🇸20REPLY


Flood1 hour agoWhen a law encumbers the constitution we are to disobey.63REPLYView 5 replies

cathryne stone

cathryne stone47 minutes agoReporter Kip Simpson reports on these corrupt communists nearly every day.24REPLYView 4 replies

Lynn Cuthbert

Lynn Cuthbert1 hour agoYou can feel it coming now. The best is yet to come!! Like a new World is emerging and people can see the light. Know your enemy…..Defeat them. 👍👍❣️❣️❣️85REPLYView 6 replies

cathryne stone

cathryne stone1 hour agoI would decline the Pulitzer Prize…oh, I realize that would NEVER be offered to me, but my point is that it has been corrupted. It is slime!34REPLYView 5 replies

cathryne stone

cathryne stone1 hour agoNotice that ‘obligation’ is a point to the shoulder which is direct symbolism of ‘burden’ which Christ says to take on His Burden, “My burden is Light.”47REPLYView 7 replies


chillonthis1 hour agoVentura county fear is unbelievable, the lines for 😷 testing are like Trump rallies.4REPLY

Rob Robinson

Rob Robinson1 hour agoThe MSM is the enemy of the people.47REPLYView 2 replies


jpoley11 hour ago (edited)Wearing a mask 4 months into the virus is like wearing a condom to the baby shower!102REPLYView 15 replies

Dawn Pesz

Dawn Pesz1 hour agoIf you sneeze on a tissue it’s a biohazard yet dirty masks are all over the street!44REPLYView 2 replies

Janet Hill

Janet Hill28 minutes agoThese 5 governors are evil, pure and simple.9REPLY


tarbalvis39 minutes agoThose Judge positions were left open for Killary to fill. Talk about killing the rule of law!9REPLY

Geraldine Charnin

Geraldine Charnin1 hour agoThe Deep State consider the elderly, “useless eaters”. That’s a term from not so far back.25REPLYView 4 replies

Lynley Kerr Hogan

Lynley Kerr Hogan1 hour ago🤟 God bless the deaf! And their families. Those who have ears, let them hear!🤟25REPLYView reply

Sallie Lewicki

Sallie Lewicki1 hour agoCould the test be tainted. Don’t trust none of them.26REPLYView 4 replies

Elizabeth Newberry

Elizabeth Newberry1 hour agoWoooo Hooo GOD BLESS AMERICA! GOOD MORNING LT AND WE KNOW ROMANS 8:2838REPLYView reply

RedQ Dee

RedQ Dee56 minutes ago (edited)Ventura county is blessed to have this man in their community. ❤ The 5 governors that sent citizens to their death, must be in the Bill Gates circle of depopulating us. 😡25REPLYView reply



Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller1 hour agoEvery person that has had a flu shot in the past ten years WILL test positive with the COV. TRUE!32REPLYView 7 replies

Yvonne Wagner

Yvonne Wagner46 minutes ago (edited)China meddling in the election of the United States is an act of war..10REPLY

Rick Adam

Rick Adam33 minutes agoI have noticed another Umbrella Man now in several mob riots, is this pointing to the Democrat Deep State, there was an Umbrella Man at the JFK execution scene.6REPLY

Lois J. Bradshaw

Lois J. Bradshaw53 minutes agoThey all need to be accountable.7REPLY

The English Republican

The English Republican31 minutes agoDear God. That’s almost 64,000 deaths in the Nursing homes.5REPLY

Francis Hughes

Francis Hughes1 hour agoThe quality & Strength of YOU USA Patriots is truly astounding and Inspirational – LOVE you guys!24REPLYView 6 replies

Michael Perrin

Michael Perrin1 hour ago (edited)Didn’t see Uranium One on the past administration’s crime list ?25REPLYView 5 replies

Fergie Fergus

Fergie Fergus1 hour agoNegligent Homicide. Prosecute.19REPLYView 3 replies

cathryne stone

cathryne stone1 hour agoPositive tests do not equal death!28REPLYView 3 replies

Crusader Robert

Crusader Robert40 minutes ago I took The Oath on 2 December, 1967, it has NO expiration date!11REPLYView reply

David Kelley Freyer

David Kelley Freyer54 minutes agoCuomo signed an executive order before CV releasing Nursing home owners from all liability. Taken off NYS web site8REPLY

Lady of Hay

Lady of Hay1 hour ago🐶🐶🐶 What about the videos of NY nurses exposing murder at hospitals? Please make a video of this. I think that if it’s TRUE, it’s most URGENT! Thank you!23REPLYView 4 replies

Browntail SDF

Browntail SDF1 hour agoYeah, the deaf guy……I’m not crying. I just had something in my eye.

corlis louwienGiveittomikeyQ
1 hour agoThe world is waking up! Praise God for his mercy and grace over this nation. WWG1WGA

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