Adam Schiff Wants to Keep Impeachment Abuse a Secret!

Adam Schiff Wants to Keep Records on the Impeachment Abuse of Trump a Secret!

Well, government watchdog judicial watch, says, that house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff is blocking their lawsuits to obtain subpoenas. He used to disclose Rudy Giuliani’s phone records during the impeachment inquiry when America’s John Hines sat down with the president of judicial watch. And has this exclusive interview, take a look,

You appear to have taken some, some action here against Adam Schiff. What’s going on? Well, during the impeachment fiasco, Schiff secretly subpoenaed the phone records of Americans and then he published those phone records in the impeachment report. So look, he targeted the president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

And as a result of that you had the phone records of Jay secular, the protons, the other lawyer published Devin Nunez, a member of Congress’s. His records were published and then John Solomon’s records were published as well. A reporter, a journalist.

The phone records, I think of Victoria Tenzing and Joji Genova were also targeted. This was a wild abuse of power by shift. So we asked for these records, the subpoenas at least under basically the public’s right to know there’s a common law, right to records.

Well, they responded shifts and as attorneys, basically the house attorneys for the office of general counsel for the house of representatives and they threw up every privilege they could to try to protect those records from being disclosed through this federal court lawsuit.

Sovereign immunity Congress isn’t covered by the freedom of information act. There are privileges under speech or debate clause, which is the constitutional clause that protects members of Congress from having to answer in court for their comments on the floor, of course, of their specific duties of legislating.

And that the law doesn’t cover this. And by the way, the public doesn’t really need to see the information or does judicial watch. And Adam Schiff is desperate to keep these records secret.

How do you know that? Because this, this, this brief that was filed to try to shut our case down would prevent anyone from asking questions at all about their abuses in the impeachment effort. Anyone, not just you, anyone, not just us. If someone wanted to Sue directly over the violations, this is the type of legal argument that would prevent that or would be used against them.

FCC official sent a letter to shift. We’re raising issues about this just a week or so ago. The federal communications commission. That’s right. The law protects the privacy of our phone records. So this will be regarding privacy. And was this an end run?

Was this an end run around the law and that protects the Americans’ phone records? Look, there’s a big debate now about fisa and spying on Americans by the FBI and the CIA and the justice department. Right? Well now we know that we gotta worry about Congress too because Adam Schiff spied on those Americans.

He targeted by secretly obtaining their phone records and then publishing them in a way to really damage the reputations of otherwise innocent Americans. It’s kind of like a pieces of a puzzle. Right? And so what kind of a piece of the puzzle would that be for judicial watch?

Well, we can see who he was targeting and what was the basis for it. Perhaps we don’t know. Will that give you an idea of subpoenas in criminal cases? Typically are public and this is private. This is being secret. This isn’t private. This is secret.

They’re hiding these records from the American people. They used them to get the phone records of Americans unprecedented and unprecedented effort to get phone records of American citizens by Congress. Don’t worry about the FBI stealing your phone records and snooping in your phone records.

You’ve got to worry now about Adam Schiff and the house of representatives. Their lawyers are defending shift here. So general counsel for the house of representatives. So Nancy Pelosi’s on board with this.

The house majority is on board with this and every member of Congress should be asked by their constituents. Do you believe that Congress has the right on their own at any time, at any time of their choosing to take the records of phone of American citizens and publish them?

I want to hear from Republicans and Democrats on this, on this assertion of congressional power. I’ve never seen before saying that Adam Schiff as a member of Congress has secured information which would be otherwise unobtainable by average Americans or even a law firm or even judicial watch that is protected.

It’s protected otherwise under law, and they did an end run around the law. Here. We want to figure out how it was done. So A, there’s accountability, and, B, we make sure it doesn’t happen again. Tom Fitton, president of judicial watch. Thank you for joining us on One American News. You’re welcome.

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