A Celebration + A Recap of Last Month’s Epic Book Launch Kickoff Party @ Lululemon


When was the last time you paused for just a moment and celebrated? Like really observed where you are, the place you’ve come from, and the steps it took to get right here, right now. Has it been a while? Ha, me too.

Sometimes it takes everything in me to not just rush into the next thing that needs my attention, my energy, my response, and the next thing that I want to work on achieving… and instead to take in the beauty of THIS. The right now… I call it the WHAT’S NEXT syndrome. It’s something I’ve been working on over here. Maybe you too?

Thank goodness for the natural times in the year that have space & energy for reflection (lookin’ right at you, new year and 2020). To fully take things in. To quiet the constant motion and chatter. To be still and appreciate– the big and the little things and the journey rather than only the destination.

Last month? I had this sort of perfect pause I’m talking about. It was my big kickoff launch party  for the new book at lululemon and to describe it any other way than everything would be a disservice. It was everything beautiful, everything synergetic, everything eye opening and heart cracking and soul giving that I could possibly, ever imagine.

It was a celebration with all my favorite things and all my favorite people, who have supported me in such big ways, and given me their priceless belief in this journey I’m on. If I could squeeze the many many people who worked behind the scenes, who created an unforgettable experience, who showed up and sold out the event in support of this dream book of mine that’s actually HERE, I would.

Well, okay. Maybe I did.

I want to relive it again and again and so maybe this little recap will be a way to do that, and to say THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL the people who made this thing come together. The book. The party. And everything it took to get here. This is just the beginning, as we go into January, February and March and all the events and celebrations that will come with it for this heartfelt project.

At this first event, I just kept looking around, just trying to take it all in.

We started the night with one of my favorite things– movement, an hour long yoga flow with 25 strong women. I was able to sign some books during that, and meet and squeeze some of those aforementioned people. We had my fav ice cream, ever, Frankie and Jos serving up frosty treats all night, and the most amaze natural, biodynamic wine Dry Farm Wines poured for sips. There was the very best champagne of sparkling water Topo Chico keeping us happy ‘n hydrated. And we had Bounty Kitchen on the food, killing it and making some of my favorite salads from the new book.

I mean, a dream. An absolute dream. And that’s just the food and bevvies.

City Sweats turned the locker room in lululemon into a full on rejuvenating spa with amethyst crystal mats and facials. Can you even?? After the yoga flow, we moved back into the studio for a little raffle– there were lululemon giftcards, an infrared sweat from City Sweats, the first and second cookbook, starter kits from  Primally Pure, and a goodie bag from Topo Chico. Pretty much all my favorite things. Because there isn’t much of a way to express the magnitude of my thankfulness, but a gift card or two felt like a good start.

We had a fun Q+A with the audience after that and you guys. I was just blown away. By this community. Of amazing humans wanting to live their best lives, reaching out for guidance, for encouragement. Trying to do it with more simplicity and joy. They showed up. You show up too, in so many ways that I see and feel.

And of course, because no event is perfect and truly, something had to go wrong or else I might’ve just assumed I had died and gone to heaven– we had a slight mishap with how many books were available.

Basically, not enough. And so, we had a special delivery—- the most special delivery—when Kyle and Noah came by in the middle of the shindig to drop off more books. Even that, the mistake, actually made it so full circle and even better to me.

Because as we did the Q+A, I saw little Noah guy’s face peeking through the studio windows, seeing his mama do what she loves and saving the day with his dad, and coming to offer just a little more support (and those books, too). This project has been a full family affair in all the ways. 

But most of all, it made me just want to celebrate YOU GUYS.

YOU.  Who sell out these events every time. Who show up, who bring friends, who cook out of these books weekly, and who tell all their friends and families about it. You— my local community of shops, people, and peers who show up endlessly, in so many ways, to cheer me on. You, who make me teary when you tell me your stories with how the books have changed your life, your cooking, and your families. You are all the reason this 2nd book is even here.

Today, I want to celebrate you. And just say thank you.  One person, one kitchen, and one life at a time, together we’re changing the conversation around what it means to be healthy, and how to do it in a way that actually lasts. That’s something to celebrate. BIG time.

Want to join in the fun? There 2 more events this month in Seattle: 1) a Sunday book brunch and special conversation at Bounty Kitchen SLU this Sunday, January 12th at 11am. Spots are almost sold out, check it out here to grab one of the last ones. It includes a a 4 course healthy, plant based and gluten-free meal (all with recipes from the book), healthy brunch cocktails & mocktails,  time to chat and ask questions and to hear about the BTS of making the book with the amazing photographer extraordinare, Carina Skrobecki.

And second, catch me at Follain in University Village on Wednesday, January 15th at 6pm for a special conversation with natural beauty extraordinarie & Follain founder Tara, and a panel night with Women in Wellness, with a pop up book signing. Register here!

Love this post? You’d love the cookbook then too. My second book, Simply Real Eating also just came out in November, so make sure you grab your copy here

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